A most successful planting season has been undertaken. Our local schools have contributed both through raising seedlings and by planting these out in the Reserve.

Seeds for this work are gathered by authorised seed collectors in the Reserve in May. These seeds are then germinated in seed trays and given to the schools for pricking out and raising by their students. Our Lady Star of the Sea, Somerville Intermediate and Bucklands Beach Intermediate all raised seedlings for the current season.

Before the planting out of these seedlings Manukau City Council contractors scythe the area to be planted and ensure that weeds such as gorse and blackberry are removed.

Schools (Bucklands Beach Intermediate, Sommerville Intermediate, Star of the Sea, Pakuranga College, Cockle Bay School, Howick College and others) have worked on the newly fenced paddock area near Rotary Walk, the land beside the new walkway toward Hayley’s Lane and along Somerville Road.

Forest and Bird, the Rotary Clubs of Howick and Somerville-Howick, Chinese and Indian Groups as well as Brownies, Howick Tramping Club and Friends of Mangemangeroa have tackled some of the more wet and steep areas.

All told about 6000 – 8000 plants are grown and planted each year at a saving in excess of $20,000 to the Council.

Rotary & Friends Planting - 4

Rotary & Friends Planting - 5