Crowded or needle like

Leaves long and thin or crowded together

Cabbage tree   ti kouka

Cordyline australis

A cabbage tree looks nothing like a cabbage but more like top knot of long lily like leaves.  


Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

Kahikatea (kike) or New Zealand white pine. The most striking feature is the beautiful pattern of the bark. (The leaves are needle like)  


Kunzea ericoides

Kanuka have long narrow shaped leaves, not prickly to touch.  


Freycinetia banksii

Kiekie creeps and climbs along the ground and upwards with a "tuft" of long leaves at the tip. The leaves are most easily recognised by the two white ridges down the leaves and distinguised from perching lillies by the row of teeth down the edge and upthe back of the leaves.  


Cyathodes fasciculata

Cyathodes fasciculata (Mingimingi) needle leaves are longer than the kanuka and not as "strong" as totara. Needle like leaves, crowded or alternate. They are not prickly.  


Rhopalostylis sapida

Young nikau are shown in the photograph, older nikau have a trunk, greenish in colour with rings extending round this trunk. Before the tuft of leaves extends from the trunk top a bulge occurs.  


Podocarpus totara

Totara has needle like leaves with a straight trunk with strippy bark. Totara has needle like leaves with a straight trunk with strippy thin bark.