A number of people passionate about conservation recognised the Mangemangeroa as an area worth protecting and have worked tirelessly to see this happen.

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  1. Hello, I am contacting you from Dundee, Scotland.
    A very dear relative, Miss B.M.B. Harris, Betty recently passed away. She was a long time resident of Howick, latterly of Pakuranga Park Village. She was very active back in the days when the land was owned by Manakau city council to persuade them to release the ground to enable the establishment of the reserve. She was a lady ahead of her time as a passionate environmentalist for many years as well in Forest and Birds.
    I am keen to donate a 2/3 seater bench in her and her sister Kitty Harris’s remembrance to be sited in the reserve.
    Please contact me with a name and tel. number for further discussion.

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