Award Dinner


Friends of Mangemangeroa receiving recognition for the restoration work undertaken in the reserve.

Backrow: Brian Hanlon, Bruce Keeley, Sally Barclay, Alan Riley, Graham Falla, Warwick Kitchen

Front row: Deborah Grant, Len Brown, Jim Duckworth, Austen Gate, James Lee

4 thoughts on “Award Dinner”

  1. Walking the track this morning, Thursday 6th at the Shelly Beach end heard screaching in the bush, looked up and observed for 5 minutes a North Island Kaka picking at a dead branch obviously looking for a fed of huhu bugs etc. Sightings of the Kaka uncommon in Auckland, great to see one at the Mangemangeroa Gorge, hopefully it will stay and multiply.

  2. I am a regular user of the Mangemangeroa Valley Walkway with a casual interest in fungi.

    I have accumulated quite a number of images of fungi from this reserve. For your interest these have been loaded on the “NatureWatch NZ” website and to assist others in accessing these I have created a project titled “Observations of Fungi in the Mangemangeroa Reserve”. It is not a true project but it is the only way I could collate them together for easy access. If you go to the NatureWatch website and select “Projects” and then type in the keyword “Mangemangeroa” and search you should be able to see all of my entries.

    I have also collated these images into a hardcopy “booklet” with a few notes on fungi through the seasons in the Mangemangeroa Reserve. I am trying to wind down my interests in fungi, but I would love to forward this booket to your group if you could supply me with a postal address where I could send this to. I am not on facebook so it would be helpful if you could reply to my email address.

  3. Hi,

    my name is Andrew Swales, an estuarine scientist at NIWA Hamilton. I am undertaking some research on the Mangemangeroa and I’m very interested in the Cheeseman extract on your website. Do you have a copy of the original document and/or a full reference to it that I could have.

    many thanks – Andrew

  4. My wife Gallagher and I are long time Howick residents. For the last couple of years we have been involved with a project to build a solar powered floating education laboratory. Is there a possibility that our boat could be part of your Ecological Educational Centre? You can see what we have been up to by looking here:

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