early History

European settlers were responsible for felling the timber, clearing the land and then sowing introduced grasses. As more land for housing development has become necessary for urban growth this Reserve offers an oasis of tranquility for walking within Manukau City.

This Reserve was fenced in 1999. Until this time stock had been able to browse the understorey layer. Possum control has been carried out and this should influence the regeneration of species favoured as food by the possums.  Rats, mice and mustelids have not been poisoned regularly. Cats (both domestic and feral) remain to roam freely within the reserve. Because of the nature of the Reserve with its large coastal boundary it is at present not deemed possible to fence or restrict access of cats, mice, rats and mustelids.

The addition of the board walk provides easy access for the human population and the effect of this on the native species, both flora and fauna is yet to be determined

Recent History