Friends of Mangemangeroa

Friends of Mangemangeroa are an environmentally minded group who work with the Auckland Council to maintain and restore the coastal forest along the Mangemangeroa Estuary. Restoration work has seen the bush edge extended through pioneer species planting and more recently the growing of eco-sourced seedlings for inplanting of canopy trees.

In addition the Group is active in promoting and developing an ecological education centre.

Our activities include:

  • Organizing planting days, using seeds sourced from within the Reserves
  • Removal of weeds
  • Assisting with pest control, including rats and possum, which continue to damage bird and plant life
  • Supporting schools interested in educating students on local flora and fauna
  • Working with Council to prioritize maintenance requirements and remediation of slip damage.  

If you would like to become a member of the “friends” and help support us our annual subscription is $10 single or $15 for a family. As we are a registered charity any donations over $5.00 can claimed as a tax rebate.

For online banking, please include your name and whether it is a membership (mem) or donation (don) Our account is:


If you require a receipt for tax purposes please

email: with your name and date of payment

Should you wish to play a more active role within the reserve and be involved in planting, weeding or other educational activities please email:

For copies of our newsletters please


We also acknowledge the contributions from Forest and Bird toward the restoration work carried out within the reserve. More information on their wider activities can be found on